Epoch of the Aquarius

After reading the book "UFO Contact from The Pleiades" Guido Moosbruger'a, I decided to check the truth for her. In the book I found the chapter describing, to try of assaults for Eduard Meier life.
Dates of assaults were given, with the place and with exact hours and minutes. I analysed this data with astrological techniques. This fragment of the book, to confirm me about the truths of his story.

The other fragment of the above book, of which I checked the truth, concerned -"History Venus according to Semjase" I am quoting: "...According to Plejadan the Venus isn't a Malony chip, but on ancient satellite of the Uranus. Gigantic comet to clepe by them "Destroyer" she to rip her out ahead of 10,000 years (precisely 10,338 years ago with reference to 2014) from the orbit of the Uranus and dragged into the vicinity of the Earth, triggering the sequence of cosmic disasters into this way. Only ahead of 3500 years that ancient moon of the Uranus he to locate after all in the current orbit between Mercury and the Earth."

...During its flying in the vicinity of the Earth of 3453 years for it [3492 with reference to 2014] The Venus stayed because of the attractive force of the Earth "robbed" from its rotational energy and as a result of friction forces for her a temperature rose.That rise in temperature under the influence of the forces of friction is causing conditions ruling at present on the Venus...

Question which results from quoted facts: - Whether on the Earth evidence concerning such a spectacular event exists, from before almost 3500 years, which was transition the planet a Venus in the vicinity of the Earth ? -

In 2010 I came across the book Graham'a Phillips'a under the title "Extermination of the terrestrial civilization in 2024". (My forecast for year 2024 - "Astro vehicle" he is showing, that in 2024 "Epoch of the Aquarius" he will enter the new period lasting 180 years, about the vibration of the "Sagittarius". He is changing 180 years lasting (1844-2024) period of the materialism of vibration of the Capricorn. In this sense it is possible to understand extermination of the terrestrial civilization in 2024), which the corroborating evidence was described in passage "of fiery shield" in the vicinity of the Earth. The largest contemporary civilizations wrote the above fact down. "The fiery shield" the most fits the planet, which how we know was a Venus.

I am quoting G. Phillips'a: "...According to the certain Egyptian text, well-known as "Papyrus Tulli", coming from times of Totmes III, (at present storage in the Egyptian Museum in Vatican) in 22 of year, in the third month of the winter, at six o'clock of day, scribes from the House of the Life they noticed the fiery shield in the sky...". Irrespective of it, what this object was, mortally he horrified observers:" ". He to frighten and arouse stampede in hearts of scribes, and they fell down to the ground". This text is announcing, that of similar occurrence until now they could never see in Egypt, and is describing them as: "MIRACLE NEVER BEFORE NOT SEEN FROM ESTABLISHING THIS COUNTRY".

"...In China, one of books, well-known as "Silk Occasional Anthology" from Mawangdui (at present to keep in the Museum of the Hunan Province in Changsha) she was an illustrated text containing different astronomical observation along with their astrological interpretations. One from first named the new celestial object, which unexpectedly was noticed in the sky at the beginning of the 15th century BC. Mysterious radial shield-symbol for the first time she turned up in China in the same time, what new religions and their shields-symbols the Middle East.

"...Admittedly of that time observers they not had a clue, what it was, but they made a note of it in entire Europe, in China, in Japan and in Egypt. Notes concern the appearance of the new star, which strongly shined for a lot of months, before to fade out. In China they wrote, she shone so brightly, it was possible at nights to read at her glare; whereas astrologer Ali Bin Ridwan, the living in Egypt, to recognise, for her brightness was in one fourth so brightas in the harvest moon".

New Epoch of the Aquarius, called the Epoch of the Aquarius also, according to the Plejadan information she started:3.02.1844 of the year. To 3.02.1937 of the year was it the first half of the interim period, and next to 3.02.2029 a second-half of the interim period is appearing,in which at present we are. What to indicate, that:3.02.2029 of the year at 11.20 of Central European Time, for her a pure vibrato will start. In interim periods vibrations Epochs of Pisces and the Aquarius are "intermixed" (ike e.g. indigo from purple) what can give to residents of land, sure confusion emotional and intellectual. Because "information - vibration" the Epoch Aquarius, it is being "intertwined" with "information - vibration" the passing Epoch of Pisces. However steady increase of the vibration of the Aquarius (of symbolic purple), with simultaneous permanent reducing oneself of vibration Pisces (symbolic indigo) to indicate, that "New will" win, of what will be a beginning 2029.

In "Unknown World" I read the article on astrology, where certain student of Polish philology he is asking: - Whether the connection exists between ideological currents in literature and the art and with astrology? -. He is giving the example of the Enlightenment, where is dominating "the glass and the eye" and of Romanticism, where "feeling and the faith" are dominating. From an astrological point of reference in years 1739 to 1754 1/12 Epochs of Pisces she was in a Virgo vibration, which is giving earthly and practical thoughts and certainly fits to ideii of this direction. In years between 1829 and 1859 is having place on the Earth vibratory passage between ages. It is unusual period, which to occur once in on 2155 years. In going between the Epoch of Pisces but the Aquarius, are leaders: The Neptune, the Uranus and the Jupiter. These planets are outweighing in all artistic work. Kind-hearted souls sensitive - of artists, poets and writers they are feeling this period more intensively, in evanescence of old, and at the same time for waking up of something new. In their souls, through their creativity, it is possible to hear: "the voice", "the whisper", even "the scream" longing in unconsciousness of group, something already myself ending irremediably, so that can appear something new. "Feeling and the faith" are attributes to pass of Epoch Pisces. The Romanticism was for me symbolic, and at the same time subconscious tribute, devoted to the Epoch lasting 2155 years of Pisces, which "he caught" the end of the existence.

History of the development of the mankind she is confirming, that the ones past 170 is flying, they to yield the unusual development, thereof of everything, what the Uranus is representing ruler of the Epoch of the Aquarius.

It is "New", which the Uranus is "carrying" is having an impact for developing at people of creative abilities and of obsession to the novelty. With effect of the work of people to engulf with passion of "Uranus" there are connected inventions from: with electricity, with electronics and computer science, particularly with computer technology. The development is also to pertain to of the spiritual sphere of the man, what is to evince in: of development of the unconventional knowledge, of new directions in art, for the learning and the culture, what often correlates with new ways of cultural behaviour.

Uranus ruler of the Aquarius, he is with his originality, often difficult to interpret, of him extremely difficult configurations and influences (particularly it is regarding people about difficult planetary systems in their natal horoscopes and resulting from it, also about extreme views) they can cause wars, revolutions and acts of terror. Of this extreme in the first half of interim period Epochs of the Aquarius. (The First World War 1914-18, Revolution in Russia 1918) as well as in the second half of interim period of the Epoch of the Aquarius (The Second World War), how the majority from us remembers, wasn't to lack, today for us she isn't also lacking.

Wandering via astrological Epochs (in which every is 2155 years old), we can to fix impact so-called "of mental priority", which he is characteristic of and is representing every astrological bygone Epoch. An Epoch of the Taurus is a period from 4622 of year BC to 2467 of year BC. It is permanent and earthly sign, motto: "I have". Eris and the Venus are a ruler of the sign of the Taurus, and in the complementing sign of the scorpion they are rulers: the Pluto and Mars. Large buildings, so like e.g. Pyramids, they had their justification and are a symbol of this Epoch. The vibration of the Taurus is connected to complementary with the sign of the Scorpio. So here we are adding such priorities as: magical lore, occultism, the phenomenon of the life and deaths. Priests are representing the magical lore, and the phenomenon of the life and deaths he is representing the background of this Epoch in the form: of pyramids as tombs of rulers, both the extraordinary preoccupation and abilities in embalming of corpse, which was supposed to facilitate the communication between world of the living and world of the dead.

A next Epoch of the Aries is a period from 2467 of p.n.e year to 312 of year BC. It is cardinal and fiery sign, motto:"I am". Mars is a ruler of this Epoch, and in the complementing sign of the Libra is a Venus. The most characteristic influence of the Epoch of the Aries, expressing the first deanery (1030 BC to 312 BC), next 180 years also the Aries (327 BC to 312 BC). At the end of every astrological Epoch to follow of to add up the vibration of the sign, which is representing the given Epoch, that is power of him is growing fourfold (Baran razy cztery). - Who is this man, which is expressing her and is vibration of the Aries?- He is well-known as Alexander The Great, universally he is recognised for the outstanding strategist and of one of the biggest conquerors in the history of humanity. Period of Aleksander's lordship appoints border between two Epochs of history of ancient history: of the classical period and the Hellenist Epoch. At that time influences of Mars and influences of Venusmutually they are complementing each other. Aleksander was educated by the Arystoteles, which taught him ethics, politics, medicine and Greek literature, perhaps also dialectics and eristicses. In spite of the great physical fitness he was to possess a disparaging attitude for sport, to rearrange above the athletic struggle sciences and the art. Apart from spectacular war victories, he can also to praise for its second with more beautiful side. I mean here to establish in spring 331 of year BC cities of the Alexandria in Egypt, which in the more late time to undergo its unusual heyday. The Alexandria became the intellectual largest centre of Greek world. In times of the greatest brilliance the library had half an million of scroll, representing the sum of the knowledge from all areas of research. Amongst researchers in the Alexandria they were: Eulides, Archimedes, astronomer Aristarchus of Samos, he developed the theory of the solar system, which centre the Sun constituted. etc. We can see, that in this period of the "Epoch of the Aries", influences of the Aries and the Libra mutually they are interpenetrating, creating the culture and the art, where apart from Mars and the Aries, its face is presenting phase complementing with the Venus and the Libra.

From year 312 BC to 1844 an Epoch of Pisces was a ruler of world. It is variable and aquatic of sign, motto: "I to believe". A Neptune is a ruler of this Epoch, in the complementing sign we have a Virgo with the ruler with Mercury. A faith is a "mental priority" of this Epoch, which is ruling indivisibly. "The Saint Inquisition" is a the best example brainwashings (Neptune opposition Mercury - Pisces with the Virgo), and how this above priority was manifested. What to characterize the past Epoch of Pises: murders, assassination, violence, a religious fanaticism, faith in delusions, sorcery, mysticism and other negative aspects of the human psyche. On the second pole of the Epoch of Pisces we have a sign of the Virgo, where Mercury is ruler and is giving outstanding people, so as: Leonadro da Vinci, Gordano Bruno, Nostradamus and other. The positive overtone of the Neptune and Epochs of Pisces, it is message for the entire mankind, expressed by the notable person of this Epoch - Sama Immanuela more well-known as: Jesus Christ. It isn't possible also to forget .. about outstanding artists of this Epoch, where the Neptune is displaying his range of the possibility, particularly in the music, the art and the sacred art.

From year 1844 is starting Epoch of the Aquarius and will be to 3999 of year. The Aquarius is a sign of fixed and air, motto: "I know". A Uranus is a ruler of this sign, and in the complementary sign we have a sign of the Leo, which the Sun is a ruler. The Sun is representing Awareness, energy, vitality, Ego. If we will connect with the mainstream, which the Uranus is representing, we will receive it development of level of the awareness. A knowledge and a spirituality are a mental priority of this Epoch, it is Epoch of the ghost and the mind. Small informal groups, however having some shared subject, which is becoming their bonds and which with the unusual energy and with vitality they constitute or are developing. In other words: "IG PEA" - informal Group of People of the Epoch of the Aquarius. Aquarius (I know), in which is hiding of huge and vital Leo (I want), in other words: "I want to know how more". Every Epoch has its interim period, which lasts 185 years, that is in the Epoch of Taurus there is a period from 4622 BC to 4437 of year BC; of Aries for year 2467 BC up to year 2282 BC; of Pisces for year 312 BC up to year 127 BC; In the Epoch of the Aquarius it is a period from year 1844 to year 2029. - Please look, in like the interesting moment of history we happened to live!? - Similarly like other Epoch of the Aquarius he will last 2155 years and will end in year 3999. Directly after her an Epoch of the Capricorn will come, and after her Epoch of the Sagittarius. Only after 25860 yearsthe entire precessional cycle will end and will start next.

Meaning of the Epoch of the Aquarius, I am quoting according to: "UFO Contact from The Pleiades" Guido Moosbruger, is possible to present however only from an astrological point of view. Radiating the Sun of the Central Galaxy it is in this Epoch so firmly noticeable like in none other. From here remarks are rightful saying about "Golden Age"

The Epoch of the Aquarius began 3 February 1844, in the moment when we were in most outside of edge of its radiating. At present we are in the final phase of the interim period, which simultaneously we are feeling in weakening influence of the past Epoch of Pisces and constantly growing influence of radiating the Epoch of the Aquarius.

Pisces to belong of water, whereas Aquarius to air. It is to looking out this way, as if the Volans jumped out of water and in flight changed into the bird. The duration of this metamorphosis amounts to 185 years. Mankind plunged into darkness gradually he/she is leaving to the light absorbing the new knowledge.Most accurate determining for thereof of period there is a word: "Breakthrough"

Collapsing and old "Building of life"he must be destroyed irrespective of costs - simultaneously do on her ruins lifebloods of the new house. The adverse influence Epochs of Pisces causes, that transformations taking place they are occurring with certain trouble manifesting itself in the form of wars, revolution, terror, fanaticism, ornery of authority of politicians, hate, feud, lies, falsehood etc. This legacy of the past dearly is being paid.

Changes which are taking place in the interim period, it is possible to some extent to compare to change the Winter into the Spring, which is also taking place gradually, rather than day by day.

At present we can see in the world many negative trends, so as: overpopulation, militarism, the munitions industry, various poisons, radioactivity, crime, drug dependence, heresies, financial exploitation, chemical industry, terrorism, racism, human trafficking, prostitution, anarchy, mysticism etc.

If we will still add to it different cataclysms, so as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, dying of forests, climate change, the ozone holes, nuclear threats, AIDS, deviances, etc, etc, then we will have it full image of manifestations of the interim period, in which at present we are.

In spite of it of everything however we achieved undeniable successes in all possible fields of the life, especially in natural sciences and the technique. In last decades like never before we made many discoveries and inventions. Unfortunately progress in humanities he wasn't so fast, as a result of what she came into existence considerable, difficult to cross, to vanish between considerable advances in science and technology and they know social-ethical.

The Epoch of the Aquarius is often determined as "Time of the End". This expression is true only in this sense, that it what obsolete must disappear. It doesn't concern the final ending here, the Apocalypse but of the beginning, which will begin to tell on itself fully just in 2029.

Energy vibration of the Central Sun about the great frequency they are flooding our planet initiating the Epoch positive of spiritual breakthrough. Radiation the Epoch of the Aquarius he is activating the evolution of planet and of her residents in yes huge level, that everyone is to surrender his the influence. The new Epoch is triggering thorough changes in everything, what so far it to be in force to expedite it and subduing for new criteria. Cosmic influences they are achieving such a degree, that breakthrough events, discoveries and inventions they are becoming something ordinary. In it "dignified" of Epoch they are also taking place intense transformations in spiritual layer. ...prepared on the base "UFO Contact from The Pleiades" Guido Moosbruger.

On the page of Jerzy Prokopiuk in the article "New Age Movement" the author is expressing the view of Alain's French astrologer about the Epoch of the Aquarius, which he published in "Middle Earth" nr6. Below I am presenting his most important fragments.

The Epoch of Aquarius - Alain is writing - she will be very essential, but all at the same time also complicated, with age in the history of humankind, which will direct us back to the Golden Age. She is marking the passage from ordinary existence to conscious existence, what at the individual man he can begin already from it, that here and now he is becoming himself still is moving in the future. Symbol of the Aquarius within this age a general mood is shaping or her consistency. The Aquarius is searching for the knowledge and the truth, he isn't a mystic admittedly, however he is an idealist.[...].

The Epoch of the Aquarius is a phase of demystification of everything, as well as refusals of imposing upon us restrictions by other persons. God died, or rather: an idea died of one only God, which only once,in vague circumstances, he appeared in the specific country either as only God, either as only Son of God, which impersonated in body of the man (Jesus from Nazaretu). He is supposed to be with gentle reflection, that of terrible God of staying in the sky (or on some top), which he is judging, to penalize, he is destroying (often with nuclear weapons) and is sending natural disasters. Yahweh at Jews, Zeus at Greeks and other gods similar to them — everyone they died. The divinity appears in everything and isn't demanding of mutual services. [...].

Admittedly he can still to exist fear in the man, which is standing up with face into the face with God, but only of his end he lets us love God.

Aquarius it of course - insubordination, anarchy, revolution. He is marking end of gods second-hand, end of champions, of the guru and priests, of fathers and mothers, and still many other. It is about it, so that to paddle one's own canoe, to achieve the championship, to use this divine energy, which is everywhere available. [...]

The Epoch of the Aquarius will survive direct relevance between the ego of the man and with the universe or the cosmic energy. Man of the Age of the Aquariushe has developed sense of justice. It won't be here already of none privileged, all since we are sitting in the same boat swimming with current of the Aquarius. A mystical elite will pass in the Kingdom of God. Certain secrets of occultism they won't be a property of fanatical minority, it what hidden he will stop being a secret: it isn't already about it, in order to believe in it, but about it, so that to be based on it and in it to shape the own life's.

Thanks to the freed energy in the Epoch of the Aquarius, the tantrism will be ruling internal and outside with life of the man. Healthy food, adapted to of individual needs, he will also contribute to the improvement in the health of people. The mind cannotto be healthy, when a body is ill.[...]

A notion is a falsehood, that outside life it is unimportant, because constitutes a part illusions. In the Epoch of the Aquarius sex life, which in the Epoch of Pisces it was negated and not very highly valued for the sake of the coercive ideal of the innocence, of the duty and the cleanness, he will get the great significance.[...]

Thanks to she's intuition and of inborn wisdom, the woman will make a profit of extraordinary potential and in the Epoch of the Aquarius will draw level with the man under the philosophical account, and even him will be taller.[...]

Family and marital structures won't survive long, because a freedom and an artistic work are significant for the Aquarius. Everything because what we are doing, serves joy - rather than for enlarging the tangible property, for the social significance or the power. Also upbringing up will undergo the revival. We will be in the gentle way they led children for making own decisions, of waking up the own awareness, of developing artistic work and joy.[...]

Since it won't already be of one only God, of the guru or the teacher, we won't to need to to quote none exclusive authority, and schools and children they will be creating alone themselves. If we are able to discover the divinity in us, these are everyone we will be potential teachers.[...]

Blanket character of the Epoch of the Aquarius will decide the also for development of her spiritual life. Because the Aquarius is as with idealist, provided is a man, which with both legs he/she is based on an earth, but all at the same time wants to lift high to the sky.[...]

prepared by: Aleksander Wezuski