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Year:1844-02-03  Hour: 11 -20 min. -00 sec. AM
  • UTC + 1:00 = START
  • Number: ******0***** from Epoch of the Aquarius cycle at (+/-)25860 year.
    MRE: DegreeMin. Sec. Emanations of Sign of Epoch
      30    00     00   *** AQUARIUS ***
    * shared responsibility*
    1)   180Y   30     00     00   * CAPRICORN - perseverance *
    2)     15Y   30     00     00   * SAGITTARIUS - lawfulness *
    3)  1,25Y   30     00    00   * SCORPIO - forethought *
    4)    38 d   30    00    00   * LIBRA - tolerance *
    5)      3 d   30     00    00   * VIRGO - accuracy *
    6)      6 h   30    00    00   * LEO - generosity *
    7)   31 m   30    00    00   * CANCER - protectiveness *
    8) 2,6 m   30    00    00   * GEMINI - versatility *
    9)   13 s   30    00    00   * TAURUS - patience *
    10)   1 s   30    00    00   * ARIES - hardness *

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    With a little imagination and knowledge of the kind of phases of the zodiacal, we can create intellectual constructions, corresponding to the evolution of the spiritual and intellectual in arbitrary moments of time.


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    kiribati KiribatiKiribati - Line Islands, tokelau Tokelau Tokelau;
    February 3, 3999 year 11.20 a.m. CET followed by the end of the Epoch of Aquarius, and also begins the Epoch of Capricorn, which will also be continued 2155 years.

    "If the source of our earthly civilization is the lost continent MU?"

    Before you can run the "Astrological Vehicle". I would like to present evidence for the existence of the continent of MU, which are described in the book of James Churchwarda under the title "MU the lost continent". At the outset I would like to quote a few excerpts from the book and lecture James Churchward delivered in "American Society for Psychical Research" from April 20, 1931.

    Quote 1."A legend passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, talking about the times, that was called the Golden Age". It is claimed that there was age, in which humanity had much higher levels of mental than today". unquote 1.

    Quote 2."The old master, who fifty years ago has already had more than 70 years, and his two older cousins, were the only ones still living members of the brotherhood of the Naacal existing from 70 000 years. This brotherhood was founded in proto-homeland, When he was sent from "MU" experts in religion and science space to It places to colonize. They three were the last people in India, who understand the language proto-homeland, its symbols, alphabet and writing". unquote 2.

    Quoted 3."For seven years I studied diligently under the direction of the old Rishis, the language of "MU", its symbols, alphabet and writing. I wanted to learn something about old people. I did not then going to publish my discoveries. I would study just to satisfy your curiosity. I was the only one with whom he shared Rishis their knowledge. When he taught me, often takes on topics associated with of the sphere psyche."unquote 3.

    The above text is, that the brotherhood of Naacal at the beginning of the 20th century had a 70 000 years. Check that the arrival of astrological we had to deal (Besides, every reader can make it yourself by running a vehicle), the exact date is not needed here, so check the time medium, for example: 15 June of the year -68100, which means 68 1001 years BC; What this do:

    Astrological  Vehicle- "The inception of the brotherhood Naacal on the continent of Mu"  
    Year: 68101 BC-06-15  Hour: 12 -00 min. -00 sek. 
    Number: ******- 3 ******We count back from Epoch.Aqu.
    MRE: DegreeMin.Sec. Emanations of Sign of Epoch
      13    41    35   *** SCORPIO *** forethought*
    (deanery Pisces)
       180Y  14    19    10   * ARIES - hardness *
         15Y   21    42    08   * CANCER - protectiveness *

    Consider the influence of vibration of the Scorpion, that in the given time slice occur and to characterize the moment of the creation of the brotherhood of Naacal on the lost continent of MU. Impact vibration of Scorpion and its ruler Pluto, the second ruler of Mars, and the deanery of the ruler of Neptune. In this order of priorities of the vibratory, to characterize the effect of this stretch of time. -We are interested in primarily impact on spiritual and mental side of human personality- - If this impact is in the minds of all people inhabiting the continent then "MU" It's not hard to predict what for them is the most important! -

    The skill to extraordinary mental energy concentration allows an outstanding individuals of that period penetrate the mysteries associated with the phenomenon of life and death. Knowledge of these phenomena is created with numerous experiences, that are experiencing more capable units. Remember that the vibration of the Scorpio to the whole is completed by the vibration of a bull. Remember that the vibration of the Scorpio to the whole is completed by the vibration of a Taurus. As in any age, even in this age of both of these vibrations are two poles of civilization. Vibration of the Scorpio is the guiding pole, and vibration of a Taurus on the principle of confrontation and rivalry, it can develop, but in extreme moments also destroy. The greater the concentration of mental energy, the better, for the sake of balance, energy balancing field, or the vibration of a Taurus.

    - How powerful the power needed to reach civilization on the continent of MU, that came at a critical time of its total collapse thanks to the elemental forces of the Earth, as a result of our previous considerations - - If the cause of the sinking of the entire continent in the Pacific was a total imbalance, balancing between its poles - Offset rocker vibrating Taurus, together with "penetrating" the mind of the Scorpion, also delved into the secrets of the structure of matter. As we will see later in the lecture you can read translations by J. Churchwarda on this issue.

    Please read what the purpose of his mission was to brotherhood Naacalów. We do not know the exact inception of the fraternity, but this is enough to determine the "vibration" available at the time of the uprising have. The impact of "vibration" of the Scorpio, deanery of Pisces and episode 15 years of Aries, can give a missionary and pioneer of new ideas or religion, on some unknown places and lands.

    Continued talk that moment of brotherhood Naacalów is compatible with the interpretation of the vibrating of the period.
    Quote 4."The monks discussed the interpretation of ancient texts about reincarnation, saved on the plate. Thanks to the extraordinary kindness of the superior of the monastery honored of Churchward consent for it to be able to see and read plate concerning the controversy". unquote 4
    Quote 5."I have translated three of them, the most important. The first (A) containing the following text:"Physical body returns to mother earth with your existing site. Elements are used to create a kind of other bodies. The champions of the alleged that "other bodies" means another body of one man. It was about the interpretation of the term "other body".

    - Whether it meant the next incarnation of the man after reincarnation, or miscellaneous bodies which are the work of nature? -" unquote 5.

    Quote 6."To solve the problem I reached for subsequent plates (B and C), I read them and I translated. Here is the content: "This man is a spirit-return to the living. Indestructible man is in fact a spark, the house was built around, that is the body, with linked elements and with the forces of life. After some time, or cycle, this set of elements satisfies the to dissipate and returns to the mother-earth. And this happens constantly - the divine spark takes the next homes, until the appointed time arrives. Then must return there, where it comes from, that is the divine source" unquote 6.

    Translations originate from the sacred Writings Inspired "MU" - The Books Of The Golden Age of import from MU by Naacalów.

    Knowledge and power, which owned Rishis will to showcase on the lecture of Churchward:
    Quote 7."But you, my son, I never understand fully, this what I mean, if you do not you will experience. Something you so I'll show you. Give me a hand to your vibration to attune with my. Not far from us two kulis of to clean up the area of the temple. Near from us two kulis of to clean up the area of the temple. I just came to the withered branch, o pick them up and all of a sudden their branches, screaming: "Snakes! Snakes! Venomous snakes!" Fled, but soon returned, anyone with a long stick of bamboo. They began to poke the sticks at the branches. Lowered its level of rishis vibrations. Lowered its level of rishis vibrations. Kulis to come to a standstill and looked around of amazed. Rishis called them and asked: "What was of drink?"

    "Arak" repulsed. "But only two wine glasses, master!" unquote 7..
    Quote 8."In such a way for me to recreate the scene with Moses, Egyptian priests and snakes. Rishis told me then that in the old days, when India were divided into small warring kingdoms, the collective hypnosis used priests, to protect temples and temple school. unquote 8.

    Quote 9."Talking to James Churchwarda, Rishis said: "Son go back now to our last incarnation". First time I heard from him, that once we were on the ground and we have had contact with each other. Put my hand and increased vibrations. Gradually began to leave me and suddenly I saw, how do I raise my together with him on the giant flat continent with many major cities. We were heading to that looked to be the most important. We landed and we began to go his muddy streets. It seemed to me that go by days, weeks, months and years. My whole life has developed in front of me. On various occasions, the Rishis who was a high government official, appear as my father. I am in the end ourselves to awaken with of trance, or whatever it was, and quickly I returned to myself." unquote 9.

    To confirm that the continent MU actually existed, I would like to present a few facts discovered by James Churchwarda. Naacal stories of the creation of the world have been saved on the Mexican tiles Niven. 1231 plate is one of the most valuable of the entire collection Niven, of more than 2,500 pieces. It is the key to the movements and activities in the universe. This plate contains the symbol of the Four Saints, who are under countless names and masks, played an important role in this, as a man he imagined the creator and the creation of the world. Letter Naacalów and Mexican tiles are saying exactly the same thing about him four Creator, to impose law and order in the depths of the chaos reigning in the universe.

    His detailed analysis of the plate being the most valuable:
    1) symbol Of the diagram is the wheel that shows the Sun as Ra,
    2) in the middle of the circle is a hieratic letter H with alphabet of proto-homeland. This is the alphabetical symbol of four saints. Four Saints it – four great original strength - showing how come directly from the creator. In our European culture, four primary forces associated with the fire, air, earth and water.
    3) is a symbol of strength. Base indicates where its start, and the sharp end of the direction of its activities. These are the four cardinal elements: These are the four cardinal elements: fire, air, earth and water. Right-hand traffic means, that the East we have on the left, and West on the right. The force operates from East to West. Fire from the air to form one pair, and the Earth with water a second. The two lines intersect at right angles to form a cross.
    4) each of the four forces is complete head shots. It is a symbol of its activity from East to West.
    5) this Shape creates the word measuring. "Four Great Surveying" - four great primeval strength. They are the primary forces because it is written, that come directly from the Creator.

    The thesis that the biblical story of the creation of the world came from the sunken continent of Mu, J. Churchward supported a set of documents, who discovered the forgotten Saints name in India, and certificates from other countries.
    They are in favour of the country inhabited by 64 000 000 inhabitants, in which 50 000 years ago developed a higher civilization in many respects from ours.

    Furthermore, we know, that the strongest vibrations have astrological era, which are located in the direct impact of the Central Stars of the Galaxy (CSG). These are the vibration phase of Aquarius and Leo. I entered the year – 48 000 years, which means 48 000 years BC. and what we see, what we see, what we can with that "language space energy" to read.

    Astrological  Vehicle- "On the continent of Mu developed civilization with a level higher than ours."  
    Year: 48001 BC-06-12 Hour: 12 -00 min. -00 sec. 
    Number: ******- 2 ******We count back from Epoch.Aqu.
    MRE: DeegreMin.Sec. Emanations of Sign of Epoch
      03    52    44   *** AQUARIUS ***współodpowiedzialność* (deanery Aquaarius)
       180Y  16    32    54   * PISCES – empathy *
         15Y   18    34    51   * VIRGO - accuracy *

    Please see, we have a series of no-2 counting from the beginning of our, or 2 years back Platonic, that nota bene is also the Epoch of Aquarius. Our civilization, like that in front of 50 000 years was also the strongest impacts across the street stars of the Galaxy. This is the "Golden Age" for the development of the spiritual, intellectual, social and civilization. Indicates that the Astrological Vehicle is around half 180 years of Pisces and near the end of the age of Aquarius, time it is about 270 years, until the end of this epoch. After this time, begins with a transitional period for the epoch of Capricorn, which lasts 185 years.
    We have too little information about this civilization, to deal with these influences this flowering of the civilization of Mu, for her achievements. We can only add, last years 718 strengthen Aquarius deanery and the last period of 180 years is also vibration of Aquarius, which adds the influence of vibration and as a result, we have the extraordinary power of its impact. Not casually specified distance, which was its peak period of development the latter years of the Epoch of Aquarius.
    This situation affects not only the Aquarius Epoch, plate, it affects all the astrological epoch, always the last 180 years, each epoch has a relationship with the same deanery (718 years), 1/12 (180 years) and at the epoch the end is it 15 years (1/144 total).
    -What does this mean? –
    The last 180 years of each epoch, and later also the last of its 15 years, compounded by the impact of each astrological epoch. This period is the best time to learn which released "fruits", that are created by people under the influence of these interactions.
    Looking for characteristics of the impact of different epochs, we get to the "fruits" of its influences and we define a temporary, that confirms our "Astrological Vehicle"
    Furthermore, we know that checks the Astrological Vehicle vibration impact epochs with a precision of up to one second.

    Troano Codex dates from the sinking of the continent to about 12 500 to 12,000 years ago.
    -Can we believe him? Let's look at the impact of using our Vehicle.

    Astrological  Vehicle- "Calamities "  
    Year: 10501 BC-06-15 Hour: 12 -00 min. -00 sec. 
    Number: ******0******We count back from Epoch.Aqu.
    MRE: DeegreMin.Sec. Emanations of Sign of Epoch
      21    50    13   *** LEO *** generosity* (deanery ARIES)
       180Y  22    02    45   * ARIES - hardness *
         15Y   24    33    02   * SAGITTARIUS - lawfulness *

    The mutual relationship between universal epochs: Scorpion (founded the brotherhood of Naacal), Aquarius (the golden age in the development of civilization of Mu) and a Leo (a disaster for him and then of Atlantis) are powerful tensions. And as otherwise we feature solid characters is intransigence, so we have taken the first step to disaster, thanks to the elements included in the encoded in each atom image of tension, you have to unload. The Atlantis is a separate story, which also requires a separate discussion.

    prepared by: Aleksander Wezuski