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  • UTC + 1:00
  •  MRE TimeScale  Degree  Min.  Sec.  Year : 1844-02-03  11h-20 m. 00 s. AM
    EPOCH2155Year   30    00     00   *AQUARIUS-DRAGON*  
    MRE1180Year   30    00     00   *CAPRICORN-SNAKE* 
    MRE215Year   30    00     00   *SAGITTARIUS-HORSE*  
    MRE31,25Year   30    00     00   * SCORPIO - GOAT * 
    MRE438Day   30    00     00   * LIBRA - MONKEY * 
    MRE53Day   30    00     00   * VIRGO - ROOSTER * 
    MRE66Hour   30    00     00   * LEO - DOG * 
    MRE731Min.   30    00     00   * CANCER - PIG * 
    MRE82,6Min.   30    00     00   * GEMINI - RAT * 
    MRE913Sec.   30    00     00   * TAURUS - OX * 
    MRE101Sec.   30    00     00   * ARIES - TIGER * 

    Here we have the main Voice Epoch (2155 year) and the vibrations of her smaller time episodes, hereinafter referred to as: "The Main Rays of The Epoch" (In short, the MRE). MRE they were numbered according to the time length: MRE1 - 180 year, MRE2 - 15 year, MRE3 - 1,25 year, MRE4 - 38 days, MRE5 - 3 days, MRE6 - 6 hours, MRE7 - 31 minutes, MRE8 - 2.6 minutes, MRE9 - 13 seconds, MRE10 - 1 second, and the Stopwatch Astro, where we still have: MRE11 - 92 milliseconds, MRE12 - 8 milliseconds.



    UTC - 12:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    usa-Baker,Howland Baker Island, Howland Island;
    UTC- 11:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    Jarvis,K.,M.,Palmyra usaJarvis, Kingman, Midway, Palmyra, American Samoa American Samoa
    Niueniue Niue;
    UTC - 10:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    Johnston, Stany Zjednoczone (Hawaje)usa Johnston, United States - Hawaii, french_polynesia French Polynesia (Tubuai, Tuamotu, etc.)
    french_polynesia Caicos Islands;
    Northern hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-9:00
    United States (Aleutian Islands) United States - Aleutian Islands;
    UTC - 9:30
    The Zone Year Round:
    Marquesas Islands Marquesas Islands;
    UTC - 9:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    Gambier Islands French Polynesia - Gambier Islands;
    Northern hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-8:00
    United States - Alaska United States - Alaska;
    UTC - 8:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    clipperton islandfrance France - Clipperton Island, pitcairn_islandspitcairn Pitcairn Islands;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-7:00
    canada Canada - the Middle West, mexicomexico Mexico - West, united_statesusa United States - the Middle West;
    UTC - 7:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    mexico Mexico - Sonora, usa United States- Arizona;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-6:00
    canadacanada Canada - the Middle West, mexicomexico Mexico - West, united_statesusa United States - the Middle West;
    UTC - 6:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    belize belize Belize, canadacanada Canada - Saskatchewan, chilechile Chile - Easter Island,
    costa_ricacosta_rica Costa Rica, ecuadorecuador Ecuador - Galapagos Islands, guatemalaguatemala Guatemala, honduras honduras Honduras,
    nicaragua nicaragua Nicaragua, salvador salvador Salvador;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-5:00
    canadacanada Canada - Middle East, mexicomexico Mexico - Middle and East, united_statesusa United States - Middle East;
    UTC - 5:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    ecuadorcayman_islands Cayman Islands, colombia colombia Colombia, ecuador ecuador Ecuador, haiti haiti Haiti, jamaicajamaica Jamaica,
    panama panama Panama, peruperu Peru;
    Northern hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-4:00
    bahamasbahamas Bahamas, canadacanada Canada - Middle East, cubacuba Cuba, united_statesunited_states United States - East,
    caicos_islandscaicos_islands Turks and Caicos Islands;
    UTC - 4:30
    The Zone Year Round:
    UTC - 4:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    anguilla anguilla Anguilla Islands, antigua_and_barbuda antigua_and_barbuda Antigua and Barbuda, netherlands_antilles netherlands_antilles Antilles - The Netherlands Antilles,
    aruba aruba Aruba, barbados barbados Barbados, bolivia bolivia Bolivia, brazil brazil Brazil - West, british_virgin_islands british_virgin_islands British Virgin Islands,
    canadacanada Canada - Eastern Quebec, dominicadominica Dominica, dominican_republicdominican_republic Dominican Republic, grenada grenada Grenada,
    france france Guadeloupe, guyana guyana Guyana, france france Martinique, montserrat montserrat Montserrat, puerto_rico puerto_rico Puerto Rico,
    saint_kitts_and_nevis saint_kitts_and_nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis, saint_luciasaint_lucia Saint Lucia, saint_vincent_and_the_grenadines saint_vincent_and_the_grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,
    trinidad_and_tobago trinidad_and_tobago Trinidad and Tobago, united_states united_states United States - Virgin Islands;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-3:00
    bermudabermuda Bermuda Islands, canadacanada Canada - Northwest, greenlandgreenland Greenland Islands;
    Southern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-3:00
    argentinaargentina Argentina - Province of San Luis, brazilbrazil Brazil - Measure, chilechile Chile,
    falkland_islandsfalkland_islands Falkland Islands, paraguayparaguay Paraguay;
    UTC - 3:30
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-2:30
    canadacanada Canada - Newfoundland
    UTC - 3:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    argentinaargentina Argentina - without the province of San Luis, brazilbrazil Brazil - Northeast,
    francefrance Guiana French, surinamesuriname Suriname;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-2:00
    greenlandgreenland Greenland, france france Saint Pierre and Miquelon;
    Southern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC-2:00
    brazilbrazil Brazil - South-East, uruguayuruguay Uruguay;
    UTC - 2:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    brazilbrazil Brazil - Atlantic Islands, south georgiasouth georgia South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands;
    UTC - 1:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    cape_verde The Republic of Cape Verde;
    Northern hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+0:00
    greenlandgreenland Greenland - East, portugalportugal Portugal - Azores;
    UTC + 0:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    norway norway Bouvet Island - Norway, burkina_fasoburkina_faso Burkina Faso, gambia gambia Gambia, ghana ghana Ghana, guinea guinea Guinea,
    guinea-bissau guinea-bissau Guinea-Bissau, iceland iceland Iceland, ivory_coast ivory_coast Ivory Coast, liberia liberia Liberia, mali mali Mali, mauritania mauritania Mauritania, morocco morocco Morocco, sahrawi_westsahrawi_west Sahrawi, saint_helena saint_helena Saint Helena, sao_tome sao_tome Sao Tome and Principe, senegalsenegal Senegal,
    sierra_leone sierra_leone Sierra Leone, togo togo Togo;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+1:00
    spain spain Canary Islands - Spain, guernseyguernsey Guernsey, ireland ireland Ireland, jersey jersey Jersey, isle_of_mannisle_of_mann Man - Isle,
    portugal portugal Portugal, united_kingdomunited_kingdom United Kingdom, faroe_islandsfaroe_islands Faroe Islands;
    UTC + 1:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    algeria algeria Algeria, angola angolaAngola, benin benin Benin, cameroon cameroon Cameroon, central_african_republic central_african Central African Republic,
    chad chadChad, congo congoCongo - West, equatorial_guinea equatorial_guineaEquatorial Guinea, gabon gabonGabon, niger nigerNiger,
    nigeria nigeriaNigeria, republic_of_the_congo republic_of_the_congoRepublic of the Congo, tunisia tunisiaTunisia;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+2:00
    Albania, Albania, Andorra, Andorra, Austria, Austria, Belgium, Belgium, Bosnia_and_Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
    Croatia Croatia, Czech Republic Czech Republic, denmarkdenmark Denmark, francefrance France, germanygermany Germany,
    Gibraltargibraltar Gibraltar, Hungaryhungary Hungary, italyitaly Italy, Kosovokosovo Kosovo, libyalibya Libya, liechtensteinliechtenstein Liechtenstein,
    luxembourgluxembourg Luxembourg, macedoniamacedonia Macedonia, maltamalta Malta, monacomonaco Monaco, montenegromontenegro Montenegro,
    netherlandsnetherlands Netherlands, norwaynorway Norway, polandpoland Poland, san marinosan marino San Marino, serbiaserbia Serbia, slovakiaslovakia Slovakia, sloveniaslovenia Slovenia, spainspain Spain, swedensweden Sweden, switzerlandswitzerland Switzerland, vaticanvatican Vatican;
    Southern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+2:00
    namibianamibia Namibia;
    UTC + 2:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    botswana botswanaBotswana, burundi burundi Burundi, congo congo Congo - East, egypt egypt Egypt, lesotho lesotho Lesotho, malawi malawi Malawi,
    mozambique mozambique Mozambique, south_africa south_africa Republic of South Africa, russia russia Russia - Kaliningrad Oblast,
    rwanda rwanda Rwanda, suazi swaziland Suazi, zambia zambia Zambia, zimbabwe zimbabwe Zimbabwe;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+3:00
    united_kingdomunited_kingdom Akrotiri and Dhekelia - United Kingdom, bulgaria bulgaria Bulgaria, cyprus cyprus Cyprus,
    united_kingdomnorthern_cyprus Cyprus - Northern, estonia estonia Estonia, finland finland Finland, greecegreece Greece, israel israel Israel, jordan jordan Jordan,
    latvia latvia Latvia, lebanonlebanon Lebanon, lithuania lithuania Lithuania, moldovamoldova Moldova, palestine palestine Palestine, romania romania Romania,
    syriasyria Syria, turkey turkey Turkey, ukraine ukraine Ukraine;
    UTC + 3:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    bahrainbahrain Bahrain, belarusbelarus Belarus, comoroscomoros Comoros, djiboutidjibouti Djibouti, eritreaeritrea Eritrea, ethiopiaethiopia Ethiopia,
    iraqiraq Iraq, kenyakenya Kenya, kuwaitkuwait Kuwait, madagascarmadagascar Madagascar, francefrance Mayotte, qatarqatar Qatar,
    russiarussia Russia - the majority of the European part of the country, saudi_arabiasaudi_arabia Saudi Arabia,
    french_southernfrench_southern Scattered Islands - French Southern and Antarctic Lands, somaliasomalia Somalia, sudansudan Sudan,
    south_sudansouth_sudan Sudan South, tanzaniatanzania Tanzania, ugandauganda Uganda, belarusyemen Yemen;
    UTC + 3:30
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+4:30
    iraniran Iran;
    UTC + 4:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    french_southernfrench_southern Crozet Islands - French Southern and Antarctic Lands, georgia georgia Georgia, oman oman Oman,
    france france Reunion Island - France, russia russia Russia - the circumference of samarski and Udmurtia,
    seychellesseychelles Seychelles, arab_emiratesarab_emirates United Arab Emirates;
    Northern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+5:00
    armeniaarmenia Armenia, azerbaijanazerbaijan Azerbaijan;
    Southern hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+5:00
    mauritiusmauritius Mauritius;
    UTC + 4:30
    The Zone Year Round:
    afghanistan afghanistan Afghanistan;
    UTC + 5:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    australia_heard australia_heard Australia Heard and Mcdonald Islands, kazakhstankazakhstan Kazakhstan - West,
    french_southern Kerguelen Islands - French Southern and Antarctic Territories, maldivesmaldives Maldives,
    russiarussia Russia - the western part of the Asian, tajikistantajikistan Tajikistan, turkmenistanturkmenistan Turkmenistan,
    uzbekistanuzbekistan Uzbekistan;
    Northern hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+6:00
    pakistanpakistan Pakistan;
    UTC + 5:30
    The Zone Year Round:
    indiaindia India, sri_lankasri_lanka Sri Lanka;
    UTC + 5:45
    The Zone Year Round:
    nepalnepal Nepal;
    UTC + 6:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    bangladesh Bangladesh, bhutan Bhutan, british_indianbritish_indian British Indian Ocean Territory,
    kazakhstankazakhstan Kazakhstan - Middle and East, kyrgyzstankyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan,
    russiarussia Russia - Country of Altai, Novosibirsk Oblast, Oblast Tomski, Altai Republic;
    UTC + 6:30
    The Zone Year Round:
    myanmarmyanmar Myanmar, cocos_Islandsmyanmar Cocos Islands;
    UTC + 7:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    cambodiacambodia Cambodia, indonesiaindonesia Indonesia - West, laos laos Laos, mongolia mongolia Mongolia - West,
    russia russia Russia - the Central-Western part of the Asian, thailand thailand Thailand, vietnam vietnam Vietnam,
    christmas_islandchristmas_island Christmas Island;
    UTC + 8:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    australiaaustralia Australia - West, brunei brunei Brunei, chinachina China - People's Republic Of China,
    indonesiaindonesia Indonesia - Middle, malaysiamalaysia Malaysia, mongoliamongolia Mongolia - Middle and East, philippinesphilippines Philippines, russiarussia Russia - Irkutsk Region, Kalmykia and Country Zabajkalski, singapore singapore Singapore,
    r_of_china r_of_china Taiwan - Republic of China,
    UTC + 9:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    indonesiaindonesia Indonesia - East, japanjapan Japan, north_koreanorth_korea Korea - North, south_koreasouth_korea Korea - South, palaupalau Palau,
    russiarussia Russia - middle part of the Asian, east_timoreast_timor Timor - East;
    UTC + 9:30
    The Zone Year Round:
    australiaaustralia Australia - Northern Territory;
    Southern hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+10:30
    australia australia Australia - South Australia;
    UTC + 10:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    australia australia Australia - Queensland, guam guam Guam island, northern_mariana_islands marianaMariana Islands - Northern,
    micronesia micronesia Micronesia - West, papua_new_guinea papua Papua New Guinea, russia russia Russia - Middle East;
    Southern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC + 11:00
    australia australia Australia - South-East;
    UTC + 10:30
    Southern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC + 11: 30
    australiaaustralia Australia - Lord Howe Island;
    UTC + 11:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    micronesia micronesia Micronesia - East, franceNew Caledonia New Caledonia, russiarussia Russia - East Yakutia,
    solomon_islandssolomon_islands Solomon Islands, vanuatu vanuatu Vanuatu;
    UTC + 11:30
    The Zone Year Round:
    norfolk_island norfolk_island Territory of Norfolk Island;
    UTC + 12:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    fiji fijiFiji, france France France - Wallis et Futuna, kiribati kiribatiKiribati - Gilbert Islands, marshall islands Marshall Islands, nauru Nauru, russia RussiaRussia - Far East, tuvalu TuvaluTuvalu, united_states_wake island United States - Wake Island;
    Southern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+13:00
    new_zealandnew_zealand New Zealand - Aotearoa;
    UTC + 12:45
    Southern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+13:45
    new_zealandnew_zealand New Zealand - Chatham Islands;
    UTC + 13:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    kiribatiKiribati Kiribati - Phoenix Islands, tongaTonga Tonga;
    Southern Hemisphere. Summer Time: UTC+14:00
    samoaSamoa Samoa;
    UTC + 14:00
    The Zone Year Round:
    kiribati KiribatiKiribati - Line Islands, tokelau Tokelau Tokelau;
    February 3, 3999 year 11.20 a.m. CET followed by the end of the Epoch of Aquarius, and also begins the Epoch of Capricorn, which will also be continued 2155 years.

    prepared by: Aleksander Wezuski